Why Laser Hair Removal

Why Laser Hair Removal Shaving is a daily routine for men and women. Why go through painful waxing and tweezing when you can get laser hair removal. It’s fast, convenient and effective. This is the new safer, faster and totally effective way to rid of unwanted hair. You can get to the “root of the problem” and eliminate unwanted hair. At Timeless Beauty we specialize in laser hair removal and can remove any unwanted hair from any part of the body. Throw away that Read More →

What Should I Expect Before and After Treatment?

What Should I Expect Before and After Treatment? You should shave the area to be treated 1-3 days before treatment. No waxing, tweezing or threading is allowed 4-6 weeks before and throughout the course of treatment as hair needs to be in place to be targeted by laser. The area should be shaved as closely as possible so that laser can target the most energy towards the hair follicle and not waste energy on the part of the hair above the skin’s surface. If your hair is the Read More →